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The Great Escape


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The year is 1942, the place Germany. War has broken out and you have been captured and placed in a high security P.O.W. camp. Victory may be far away, so it is your duty to escape, but this will not be easy. It will take careful planning and much patience, culminating in askillful and resourceful implementation. In the camp you are closely guarded but while you follow the daily routine you will need to slipaway unnoticed to reconnoitre the situation and collect tools and materials necessary for your chosen escape route. There are many avenues of escape, some difficult, all certainly dangerous and each one requiring different skills or equipment.


48K / 128K

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Ocean Software / Denton Designs


Isometric Arcade Adventure


1986 Crash Readers Award for Best Arcade Adventure, 1986 Crash Readers Award for Best Advertisement, Your Sinclair Megagame, Sinclair User Classic, C + VG Hit.


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Crash 96% Crash Smash

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A terrific game with excellent 3D graphics that capture the spirit of the game perfectly. It is possible to just let the computer take over the control of your character for the routine sections. There are several solutions to the game which increases the longevity greatly and it still looks good today, mainly because few people have ever tried making this style of game on the later computer models. Highly recommended!

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