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Crack It! Towers


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Home of the team that brings you Crack It! puzzle magazine. Crack It! Towers conceals a magical secret within its walls. Players must solve puzzles to collect the seven golden keys needed to unlock the secret of the Towers - if they fail to solve a puzzle, they'll find themselves in the moat, and the less-than-alert could have their keys stolen byany of the castle's more unfriendly residents. But there's also the chance to gain bonus keys in the Maze of Skulls.

There are arithmetic problems, spelling games, anagrams, and mazes to negotiate - with different levels to challenge kids and adults alike.


48K Required

Number of Levels

3 Difficulty Levels

Original Price


Software House



Mike Kent


Puzzle Game


Follow on-screen prompts

Original Rating

Sinclair User 3/5


Aimed at a young audience, this has some bright graphics and decent sound effects. There are a range of different challenges but none of them are at all taxing for anyone with basic maths and English skills.

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