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At first glance this might seem to be just another version of a very popular game. How wrong can you be!!! True, the start is simple enough. The Spectrum picks a code of numbers or colours with a selection of levels of difficulty - and invites you to do the same. You then take it in turns to guess each others code from the clue supplied after each guess. An extremely well written, fast and very clearly displayed game, with almost inevitable defeat.

This was exactly as intended but unfortunately something went wrong. During the programming strange uncomplimentary messages began to appear on the screen. At first they were so few they were not taken too seriously, but soon they could no longer be ignored. Somehow the Spectrum had been given a personality - a rather devious, supercilious, dislikeable, hateful, horrible mind.


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Martech Games


Puzzle Game


This is an annoyingly simple BASIC game that hides behind patronising text comments and features the usual irritating beeps that frequently slowed Spectrum games down.

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