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In the summer of 1986 the crew of VIRGIN ATLANTIC CHALLENGER once again attempt to win the coveted BLUE RIBAND title for Britain by crossing the ATLANTIC OCEAN in the record time of 3 days and 10 hours.

Virgin Games brings you the VIRGIN ATLANTIC CHALLENGE GAME. This arcade game is a fun simulation of RICHARD BRANSON'S part in this exciting and dangerous event. You must guide Richard at BREAK-NECK SPEED from one piece of equipment to another to keep the boat ON-COURSE and in good time and take vital MONEY-MAKING (or breaking) decisions that are telexed to him from all parts of the VIRGIN EMPIRE.


48K / 128K

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Software Houses

Virgin Games / Millside Software


Ian Munro


Boat Simulator

Original Rating

Crash 48%


This is a mildly amusing mixture of a sideview, with a bearded Richard Branson wandering around the ship and some more conventional screens. This variation in style dissipates the overall effect, which is more of a chore to play than it should be.

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