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The Tube


Year of Release


The Advertising Blurb

Enter the Tube if you dare?

Survive the transfer zone, steer through the inner tube defence mechanism to reach the capture area.

The Tube is an amazing fast action shoot em up with superb graphics and sound.

Only those with nerves of steel should apply.


48K / 128K

Original Price


Software Houses

Bug-Byte / Quicksilva

Music by

David Whittaker

Programmed by

Tam Lynch

Programmed by

Len Nicholson

Graphics by

Mike Donnelly

Logic Game Design by

Steve Kellett


Shoot-'em-up / 3D Arcade Shoot-'em-up

Original Rating

Crash 47%


Presentation is top notch, with an excellent theme tune. Sadly, the game itself is split into simple wire frame 3D shoot-'em-up, side view and overhead arcade games.

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