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Your friends are prisoners within the mysterious castle. Release the fetters that bind them and chain them to yourself; only then can you make your escape. Release as many as you can for their predicament is dire, though the more you have on your chain the slower your progress will be. Defend yourself with a choice of 8 different weapons! Battle your way through 112 stages of gripping continuous action. Defeat your foes, rescue your friends, escape from every stage; only then is freedom yours!


48K / 128K / +2

Number of Levels

112 Stages

Original Price


Software Houses

U. S. Gold / Choice Software / Data East


Maze Game / Shoot-'em-up / Official Coin-Op Conversion


User definable

Original Rating

Crash 72%


Technically impressive, with a scrolling playfield and highly detailed graphics, it suffers from sluggish movement. When there are a lot of characters on screen, it also becomes difficult to make out what exactly is happening.

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