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Seconds out!!! Round one and Slugger Sam comes out swinging, looking for that killer punch, but the Italian Stallion is ducking and weaving like a ballerina and there it is, the famous 'Joystick Shuffle', Slugger hits the canvas 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 and out.

The Stallion wins and can now go on to challenge for the heavyweight title of the world. Better than a ringside seat be there in the ring swapping punchs but never feeling a thing. Box clever with KNOCKOUT the fight game of the century.


48K Required

Original Price


Worth now (confirmed sale)?

£20 (Americana version) Facebook October 2019.

Software Houses

Alligata / Americana Software

Written by

Steve Cattell


Boxing Game

Original Rating

Crash 52%


This looks good when paused but the actual movement is extremely sluggish. Moves are also very limited, leading to a dull version of the sport.

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