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Head Over Heels


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Hi! My name's Mr Head. Some say I'm the one with the brains but I don't think my flat footed friend would agree. I'm a real sharp shooter, but without my pal Mr Heals I'd get nowhere fast... or slow! I can jump like a flea and even glide but Heals is the Daley Thompson of the two of us - he's FAST! Together, if we can find each other, we really do make an awesome twosome, and that's the only way we can overcome the emperor Blacktooth. The last time we entered Castle Blacktooth we found the crowns of THREE of the supressed kingdoms but by that time I'd run out of doughnut ammunition and my buddy was lost somewhere in the Safari world - it was the closest we had come to defeating that rapscallion - we were jumping for joy, splitting our sides, dying with laughter... we were head over Heals!


48K / 128K

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Software House

Ocean Software


Jon Ritman


Bernie Drummond


Isometric Arcade Adventure


1987 Crash Readers Award for Best Arcade Adventure and Most Challenging Game.


User Definable

Original Rating

Crash 97% Crash Smash

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A highly refined isometric adventure. Crash went a little over the top with their award, it was just an isometric adventure after all. Still, it was so good that an Amiga version was developed many years later due to the demand. Even after all that time had passed, this version was not really an improvement on the original proving that it was indeed a true classic.

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