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Grand Prix Manager


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The Advertising Blurb

This excellent strategy game puts you in charge of a Grand Prix team and your task is to try and win the Team Championship.

Features: Race Action * Driver selection * Racing Car Engineering * Mechanics * Finances * Sponsorship problems * Crashes etc.


48K Required

Number of Levels

10 Difficulty Levels

Original Price


Worth now (confirmed sale)?

£10 Facebook January 2020.

Software House

Silicon Joy


Peter S. Boulton


Strategy Racing Game


Follow on-screen prompts

Original Rating

Sinclair User 1/10


This is an ambitious strategy game that includes sponsorship, tyre selection and even setting up the car itself. The major annoyance is that there is a colourful but pointless kaleidoscope effect in between screens.

The race itself is presented by simple graphics and features a hilarious pit stop sequence where six mechanics appear to be performing a war dance around your car! It is painfully slow but passes the time for F1 enthusiasts.

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