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Dragon Ninja


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Your opponents in your battle for supremacy are four types of Evil Ninja star-throwing Assassins whose skills are manifold and dangerous. Also out to spoil your day are Acrobatic Women Warriors and vicious Guard Dogs. At the end of each level you must overcome the Ninja Master in order to progress - some examples of these superhuman villains are: A fire-breathing Fat Man, an Armour Clad Giant Ninja - who has a disconcerting habit of suddenly multiplying into an army!


48K / 128K / +2 / +3

Original Price


Software Houses

Imagine Software / Ocean Software / Data East / The Hit Squad

Written by

Paul Owens

Loading Screen

M. R. Jones


Official Coin-Op Conversion / Beat-'em-up Game


User definable

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This looks good with detailed monochrome graphics on a smoothly scrolling display. It does get very repetitive very quickly as you kick and punch your way very slowly past a large army of similar-looking villains.

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