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Donkey Kong


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Classic arcade action with this all time coin-op favourite.

Outwit the giant gorilla and save the girl in this historic rescue. Mario is armed with only his wits and his trusty hammer as he climbs the girders in downtown New York. Multiple screens and fast moving action, dodge boards, fireballs and much much more. In the final screen remove the rivets in the structure to finally bring the beast crashing down.


48K / 128K / +2

Original Price


Worth now (confirmed sale)?

£8 Facebook October 2019.

Software Houses

Ocean Software / Nintendo


Platform Game / Official Coin-Op Conversion


User Definable

Original Rating

Crash 48% / Personal Computer Games 3/10


The official version and a good conversion. The only problem was that unofficial versions had been released by the bucketload over the preceding years and the game was beginning to show its age.

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