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Batman 2: The Caped Crusader


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D. C. Comics' famous super hero Batman breaks onto the micro screen in a Wham! POW! Arcae adventure as you engage the forces of evil in Gotham City. Start in the Batcave move on through the world of fun and excitement as you face the trickiest customer of all... the Penguin. Save some strength for battles ahead with the dastardly Joker however, or you'll miss the thrilling climax! Cartoon style graphics and animation make for stunning realism with innovative game play for long lasting entetainment.


48K / 128K / +2 / +3

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Ocean Software / Special FX


Arcade Adventure


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Crash 93% Crash Smash


Ocean made a brave decision in ditching the isometric style that proved so succesful with the original game and instead employed a novel and highly effective system that looks very much like a comic book. Even with the limited graphical abilities of the Spectrum the results are very pleasing and there is a great deal of depth to the game as well. An excellent game that has stood the test of time well.

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