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ARCADIA the name of the game especially created to be the fastest, meanest, most addictive shoot 'em up game you've ever desired. Wave after wave of the most loathsome and deadly aliens billow hypnotically towards your space fighter with deadly intent.

But then you have dual Plasma Disruptors and an Ion Thrust Drive, haven't you?

100% machine code with 12 different alien types, incredible animation and explosive effects, sound and the fastest, smoothest hi-res graphics ever!


All Spectrums

Number of Levels

12 Levels

Original Price


Software House

Imagine Software


David H. Lawson




Left - X V N, Right - Z C B M, Thrust - A-L, Fire - Q-P, Freeze - Top Row

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The very first release from Imagine who were to quickly ascend to the top of the software house league before a dramatic collapse. This game looks appalling nowadays but was a classic of the genre when released. At that time the 12 different levels and machine code programming made it stand out as a classy product that lived up to the hype that was to become an integral part of the Imagine image (and a main cause of their downfall).

This is a game I remember fondly as it was one of the first batch of games I bought. Great imagination was shown with some of the levels, particularly the one with the spider-type creatures that crawled around the screen to great effect. Badly dated but still a classic example of what could be achieved in 16K of RAM.

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